CBH is genuinely concerned about the environment and our civic responsibilities and strives to develop and maintain the best possible reputation in the communities in which we work. We keep lines of communication very open with our clients and employees at all times and our business is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. We will actively seek to enhance environments and endeavour to reduce any negative impact upon them. We are in control of possible pollution at all times and we take care of our local environments by using the minimum water volumes in the washing of all wheeled bins. We reuse recycled water in the process of washing the wheeled bins by means of our advanced filtration systems.

We only dispose of waste water at our specified waste water disposal site, ensuring that no waste water passes into any drainage system. Contaminated materials are placed into specialised bags and removed from sites for disposal in a legal and environmentally friendly manner. We are also constantly striving to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by turning off engines and plant when not in use and through our efficient route planning system. We also use recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources for all of our literature and stationary.

With the Government's increasing focus on environmental issues it has become necessary for businesses to look at how those issues directly relate to them. Commercial Bin Hygiene has been awarded 4 star membership of The Green Organisation, a voluntary body that promotes environmental best practice in the business arena. We have permission from the water authorities to discharge our trade effluent into the foul sewer and we also have a licence from the Environment Agency as a Registered Waste Carrier.

Corporate Responsibility Policy

We acknowledge our responsibility to safeguard and positively contribute to the environment and communities within which we operate.

Our Principles

Everyone is responsible for their impacts upon our environment. We believe in employee empowerment, the prevention of pollution and the compliance with relevant legislation and approved codes of practice. We will seek to ensure that all our activities are operated safely and in line with our Health and Safety Policy.

Our approach is based on the following values:
  • We will operate to the highest ethical and professional standards through fostering a style of management based on honesty, trust and integrity.
  • We respect our employees whilst fostering a working environment that will encourage employees to operate to their full potential.
  • We have a responsibility to safeguard the communities and environment that come into contact with our operations.
  • We adopt approved codes of conduct to protect the environment within which we operate.
  • We regularly monitor, audit and review our own performance to ensure continuous improvement.
  • We update our employees on environmental issues and raise awareness of their responsibilities under the law and this policy.
  • We require our contractors and suppliers to comply with the law and encourage them to adopt standards that at least match ours.
  • We will target our efforts to reduce significant negative environmental aspects by operating comprehensive Environmental and Compliance systems.